Austin All-Girl Hack Night

A meetup for women developers the 2nd Wednesday of every month at ActiveProspect.

Our goal is to help women in our field find each other to make friends, work on projects, and share knowledge. We have talks by women working on interesting things in many niches, followed by time to work collaboratively, ending with an optional laptops-closed social event at a nearby bar.
If you're a woman who writes code, we'd love to have you join us!

As of May of 2015, we decided on an additional direction for All Girl Hack Night: a Javasdcript study group.

The Javascript study will take place at the All Girl Hack Night meetings. That doesn't mean that All Girl Hack Night will be limited to Javascript from now on. We will occasionally have presentations and study sessions on other technical topics. Though we will start out studying "vanilla" Javascript to get the understanding of the fundamentals of this language, we will also sometimes dive deeper into various frameworks.

We will study individually at home, using as the main tutorial. At the meetings we plan to work on Javascript exercises in the tutorial. Some other suggested sources of exercises were website, however, it doesn't have a domain for Javascript. Still, you can solve some algorithmic challenges in Javascript if you go to, click "Solve Challenge", and in the code area select "Javascript" as a language.

Finally, one of our members, Nena, put together this big spreadsheet of Javascript resources

coming up:Javascript Study Night

December 9, 2015 ★ 7pm ★ ActiveProspect

Javascript study will take place at the All Girl Hack Night meetings. See the meetup event page for more information.

RSVP at our event page.

Our highlights from past events:

Discussion of software development apprenticeships with a founder of GirlsGuild and their two former apprentice developers, March 11, 2015

Introduction to Clojure by Nola Stowe, February 11, 2015

Introduction to Sass by Una Kravets, January 8, 2015

Presentation on Dart programming language, October 8, 2014

Build Your Development Environment, August 22, 2014

Other events in 2014

Events in 2013

Arduino programming class in 2011

Inaugural All Girl Hack Night meetup in 2010

More events around town:

Got an event for women developers you want to see here? Get in touch, or simply make a pull request!


Recurring ★ various dates and locations

PyLadies is a social/professional group for female Python programmers at every experience level. Developers and aspiring developers only, please. (Beginners are always welcome!)

Girl Develop It

Recurring ★ various dates and locations

Want to learn how to code? Have a great idea? Don't be shy. Develop it. It can be intimidating for women to learn and ask questions when they are in an extreme minority. While open and welcoming, today's budding developer community is up to 91% male. There isn't a comfortable place where women can learn at their own pace and not be afraid to ask "stupid questions." We decided it was time to provide a place where all questions are OK and everyone can learn in a supportive environment. Our courses focus on coding, leveraging existing technology, and having something to show for it (aka building sweet websites). Stay tuned to this meetup for upcoming scheduled classes.

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